College is finally over and five friends escape to a remote log cabin in the woods to enjoy some last days of debauchery before entering the working world. However, the party takes a deadly turn when a feverish stranger covered in bloody lesions invades their camp. Fearing infection, the teens fire shots in the air and the man flees into the woods, but it’s too late. Tensions escalate as one member of the circle realizes she’s caught the deadly flesh-eating virus and grows extremely ill. The group’s compassion quickly turns to repulsion as the girl deteriorates before their eyes. Stranded in the woods with no defence against infection, the fear of contagion sets in and the friends turn on one another, realizing that any of them could be next.

Young director Eli Roth pays homage to masters of horror George Romero, Wes Craven, Sam Raimi and his mentor David Lynch with Cabin Fever, a succulent fright fest marked by a savage sense of humour and great looking photography. Starring Jordan Ladd (Never Been Kissed, Rider Strong (The Secret Pact) and James Debello (Swimfan). Special effects by Bob Keen’s KNB (Hellraiser, Men in Black, The Cell).

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