Call Haeven to Haeven

The brothers Oxide and Danny Pang already made scream-o-meters all around the world sky-rocket with 2002’s THE EYE. Picked up by Sam Raimi, the Pangs followed up with THE MESSENGER, starring a pre-TWILIGHT Kristen Stewart, and BANGKOK DANGEROUS with St. Nicolas Cage! In short, Pang is a name to be reckoned with in today’s genre cinema. This year though, Oxide goes solo with his new flick CALL HEAVEN TO HEAVEN, working title: ‘The Worst Nightmare of Every Influencer’. Three young Snapchat starlets travel to an island in search of the perfect Instagram picture. Having to pick between sharing the deck with a very Kawaii granny or an overpriced liner, they opt for the former. The old lady turns out to be even nicer than expected. She advises them to set sail for a far-away, uninhabited island with pearl white beaches, turquoise water and palm trees that even Keith Richards hasn’t set foot on yet. But a first disappointment quickly follows. Upon arrival they find out there’s no 5G… Second disappointment: the island isn’t quite as deserted as grandma said, because she accommodates three grandsons who haven’t exactly been blessed by Mother Nature. Third disappointment, and no slouch: grandma wants some great-grandchildren…

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