Coraline’s parents are so happy since they’ve moved into this beautiful old house, far away from the city and its problems. They can finally do what they want: dad is writing again, while mom spends her time in the kitchen. As for Coraline, well, she so bored she’s actually counting raindrops on her windowpane. However, just like any old house worthy of the name, this one features a secret passage; a tiny little door leading to a parallel world. A world full of laughter and beautiful colors, where her parents have time to play with her. Of course there are a few drawbacks. What with everyone having buttons… for eyes ? If she wants to fit in, she’ll have to button up. Or someone else will. Just a little reminder for all you Tim Burton-freaks out there: the actual director of The Nightmare Before Christmas is Henry Selick, one of the few remaining masters of stop-motion animation, who also delighted us with the beautiful James and the Giant Peach. Based on Neil Gaiman’s best-seller, Selick’s new feature takes us once again to a magic universe, brimming with visual enchantment. The technical tour-de-force – just have a look at the official website to find out the amount of work it took – is quickly forgotten as you are reeled in by the sheer beauty of it all. Coraline is well on its way to rank among the most gorgeous films of the year.

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