Stephen Tsepes is a night-time taxi driver in New York; Stephen Tsepes is also a 350-year-old vampire. This solitary hunter is never out of female customers at night. But Stephen acts with his heart and discriminating intelligence: he only attacks the victims who admit they don’t expect anything from life any more or can no longer bear being on Earth. That’s when he transfixes his victim and makes them pay their ride with a precise bite.
His victims then join his horde of fiancés, all over New York, who cut their teeth on poor admirers while waiting for their master’s visits…
But Stephen is too sensitive: his meeting with Michèle, the exact copy of the love of the vampire’s life, will shake his habits up and lead him to death…
Directed with a great sensibility by Gérard CICCORITTI, Graveyard Shift is way more than a simple horror movie. This original work, in content as well as in style, along with violent lights and full of really sweet characters, deals with the vampirism theme in a very original way. The night creature is presented here as a pathetic and lost solitary being who is always in the grip of life torments, to such an extent that we eventually start to feel empathy for it.
“Graveyard Shift stands out above all for his technical directing, which reveals the director’s talent, evidently very inspired by the current images. Remarkably pictured and filmed in the way of a movie clip, Graveyard Shift seduces with his style and his astonishing editing.” – Cathy CARANI.

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