On the eve of a trip that will take 8-year-old Simon and his grandfather to the old man’s reunion with a group of musicians, Grandfather falls ill. In a search for a cure, young Simon finds himself instead on an amazing journey full of magic and adventure. When Simon discovers a wedding picture of his grandparents hidden in the attic, his grandfather sadly reminisces about his wife, who died 32 years ago, but is still very much alive in the old man’s broken heart. When his grandfather is gripped by painful seizures, the young boy feels guilty and helpless. With the assistance of a potion concocted by Simon’s wise Teddy Bear, the boy is magically reduced to microscopic size and bravely ventures into his grandfather’s body, determined to find the source of the old man’s pain.
From Academy Award nominated producer John M. Jacobson comes «Chasing the Kidneystone», an incredible adventure set in a strange terrain – the human body- a place inhabited by a multitude of odd and fantastic creatures. Not since Alice wandered through the looking glass has such an extraordinary and wondrous journey been undertaken. Viewers both young and old will be enthralled by the array of characters and the remarkable costumes created by Ingrid Nylander and realized by special effects costume supervisor Vin Burnham, who designed the original costumes for Tim Burton’s “Batman”.

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