Here is some good news, finally! In 2017, you won’t need to rack your brains to write the perfect advert in search of the love of your life: Cherry 2000, a wonderful robot, IS the one. Sam stops feeling melancholy and at the same time uses all his savings to buy the Cherry 2000, the woman of his dreams who gives way to every pleasure he foregoes… until the day he goes too far: the machine goes wrong. Sam curses the after-sales service and cannot find any spare part in the city. Crying over his (machine) lover, he dives into the savage world of suburbs and sticks where organised groups of rebels strike. He works with a great woman bounty hunter as his mentor.
Based on a story which owes a lot to comics, Steve De Jarnatt, a film director from the “Alfred Hitchcock Presents” TV series, directed an ambitious first feature film, of which the main interest is not the cast, but indeed Mélanie Griffith, this splendid call girl in Body Double who plays the bounty hunter who will mentor Sam (David Andrews). The special effects are signed by the talented Greg Camron (Cocoon).

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