Photographer Alex is on holiday with his girlfriend Livia in her home country Romania. After a romantic night out on the town and too much local wine, Alex gets run over by a car. Only a massive blood transfusion is able to save his life. Back home he seems to have completely recovered. And there’s a big exhibition of his photos that has to be organized. But the transfusion has some unexpected consequences. His canines start growing, he becomes allergic to sunlight, nightmares trouble his sleep and he only seems to be able to eat raw meat. Slowly but surely Ales starts to realize in what he is turning into. And Livia? She’s prepared to do everything to save their relationship. In 2012 young Swiss genre fanatic Olivier Beguin showed his talent with the awarded short feature L’Employé du Mois. This year he comes to Brussels with his feature film debut Chimères. This vampire drama reminds you of Midnight Son ( Silver Raven BIFFF 2011 ) because of the realistic approach to the myth. The result is a dark romantic feast of blood and tears that was partly shot in Brussels, right across BIFFF’s old home, Tour & Taxis!

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