Eight wonderful amazons wearing leather and chains with their jeans fitting closely round, ride magnificent Harley Davidson in the heart of America, their hair blowing in the wind. In a devilish noise, they make a stop in the small town of “Zombietown”, in the middle of the American desert. The din of their terrible engines does not please everyone and awakes the zombies, hungry for fresh flesh. After turning all the men’s heads in town – from the garage owner to the son of a good family – the attractive heroines, who only listen to their big hearts, will confront the dreaded zombies, results of insane experiences of a murderous undertaker and his dwarf sidekick.

In a wild rhythm of rock’n’roll, we dive once more into the world of the undead. A horror comedy by Dan HOSKINS and produced by TROMA.INC, a company specialized in low-budget hilarious films and once again offering prominence to the craziest creation. After DEF BY TEMPTATION, A NYMPHOID BARBARIAN IN DINOSAUR HELL, SURF NAZIS MUST DIE, and especially THE TOXIC AVENGER – the green ecological monster that catapulted the company to its fame – this new comedy, hilarious, monstrously funny, and where the confrontation between these new amazons and the undead is unexpected, will make you shiver and laugh at the same time! Enthusiasts of the horror-burlesque genre, brace yourselves and have fun with this new production!

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