Ines has recently moved into a large apartment with Fred, her husband. Suddenly, she starts experiencing hallucinations when Fred is at work. Is she dreaming, or is there really something haunting the corridors ? Fred would love to believe Ines, but he’s too occupied trying to hide his relation with Betty, Ines’ sister. The immature and egocentric Betty wants Fred, but would he also be so desirable if he wasn’t her sister’s husband ? The neighbor, who lives just below, happens to be a shrink. Maybe he can help Ines to forget her visions, but the bill risks to become pretty expensive. And Eddy, the cop, is ready to do anything to reassure this pretty damsel in distress. In the mean time, a nameless, mysterious thing keeps forcing itself between Ines and Fred.

Director Philippe Setbon (Cross, Mister Frost) managed to shoot the closed and claustrophobic universe of Chut in twenty days, in one location, with a small crew and a dedicated cast of actors. With this small budget pearl, he proves that you don’t need a bonfire of special effects to tell an exciting story that constantly flirts with fantasy and benefits from solid performances from Sophie Guillemin, Matthieu Roze, Valerie Stroh and Francois Morel.

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