David, a graphic designer, wakes up one morning to find his girlfriend Claire missing. There no note, they didn’t fight and there’s no suspicion of cheating. Just an empty bed and no answers. David notifies the police, but after a year without any trace, he starts to lose hope. That’s when he gets a visit from Kyle, one of Claire’s college friends. After some heavy drinking, David wakes up in the middle of the night to find the so-called friend tearing down the partition walls in his flat, desperately looking for something. Kyle knocks him out cold and runs off. When David regains consciousness, he realizes something bigger is at play. A while later he finds what Kyle was looking for, a roll of film buried in his garden. This leads him on a wild goose chase full of danger and mystery. Whoever the woman is he fell in love with, she’d better be worth risking his life for. The debut feature of Zack Whedon (brother of Josh) is a welcome throwback to thrillers the way Hitchcock used to make them, in which an ordinary Joe is suddenly propelled into a complicated and dangerous intrigue. The fact that David is no Jason Bourne and is constantly in way over his head, makes us identify with him, greatly adding to the suspense. Only his wits and the love for his missing girlfriend give him the courage to constantly stick his nose where it shouldn’t belong. Come and Find Me is a thrilling combination of story, tension and performance, with Aaron “Breaking Bad” Paul as David and Annabelle Wallis (X-Men: First Class, King Arthur: Legend of the Sword) as Claire.

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