Spanish gangster Carlos has lost a mysterious bag in Poland and wants his Austrian colleague Harry to get it back for him. But Harry doesn’t want to get his hands dirty and calls in a favour from the Viennese small-time crook Schorsch. He just wants to sit around and watch car races all day, so he passes the job to Mao. She has no time either, having to babysit her friend’s daughter, and turns to hot dog stand owners Hans Wurst and Max Durst. This results in a crazy chase for the bag all across Eastern Europe. Austrian writer and director Michael Glawogger ( Workingman’s Death, Slumming ) delivers a psychedelic road movie filled with slapstick humour, absurd situations and misunderstandings. His heroes Max and Hans are dropped in a mind-expanding trip facing colourful flying swordfish, hotel walls closing in on them, go-go girls with the heads of German shepherds… Hallucinations and confusion rule supreme ! Contact High, which might as well be called The Good, The Bad And The Bag, is a weird and funny movie with a great soundtrack featuring Element Of Crime, Tiefschwarz, Calexico, Get Well Soon and Roxy Music. You’ll be crying illustrated tears, and when you leave the film theatre you’ll probably find everything running backwards.

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