Mark Clifton, an ambitious sales executive, witnesses an aggression along a deserted road: a young woman hitchhiker is dragged by three shadows towards the country. He gets out of his car and tries to intervene, but the aggressors brutally tackle him, and things get worse: Mark kills two of the aggressors, the young lady also dies, and he is looking very bad, stained with blood. Only the third aggressor, a woman, ran away in one piece. About to lose consciousness, stumbling Mark wanders along the road in search of some help. When he finally ends in a splendid property, he passes out… and then wakes up in a hospital, with his friend Cheryl beside him.
He cannot remember anything from the aggression. However, he sharply recalls the billionaire, Roderick Bael, as well as two astonishing young girls, Helen and Cleo, who had taken him in… He escapes the hospital to meet them. Bael offers him the opportunity to be immensely rich while Helen and Cleo offer him the perspective of their favours…
Directed by Karl ZWICKY, Contagion follows the lead of excellent movies to which Australia has got us used for several years.
“Based on a complex and original storyline, magnificently pictured and so judiciously performed, along with its actors whose perfect acting emphasises our conviction and confusion towards the topic, Contagion establishes subtle unease and fear, captivating our attention till the unremitting and very violent end.” – L’Écran Fantastique

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