According to his tenants, Karl Gunther is the perfect landlord. First and foremost, the rent is low for such a building surrounded by gardens and with bright, open and well-equipped apartments. Gunther himself is thoughtful—only mindful, it seems—to maintain the quietness of his building. One tiny peculiarity: Gunther only rents his apartments to women. And one tiny downside: this scratching, this taping which disturb and scare young women.
Could rats have infested the house…?
Do not worry, pretty young children: these rats, this rat, is only a man, Gunther the peeper, Gunther the crawler who is stalking you, and knows your deepest secrets. But recommend your soul to God: Gunther is much more dangerous than a rat—he finds evil, pain and death fascinating…
Far from the ardent passion of “The Seduction” or the wild, cruel, romantic “Tourist Trap”, “Crawlspace”—which marks the comeback of David Schmoeller as director in horror movies—is not recommended for claustrophobic people. Full of great findings and interesting plot twists, it is one of the rare movies that uses horror to remind us what Nazi horror was like.
Gunther is played by Klaus Kinski, “brilliant down to the smallest wry gaze, ugly grin and his casual yet unbalanced walk which perfectly translates the illness that plagues—but also pleasures—his character.”

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