Crazy World

A crazy world! We couldn’t have thought of a more apt title. The first time we projected a Wakaliwood production was BAD BLACK in 2017. All the way from Kampala, Uganda, this flick made for about 65$ landed at the BIFFF in Brussels, where the spectators in the theater were virtually slaughtered and filmed by director Nabwana I.G.G! And you know where we stumbled upon that again? On CNN! Crazy world, indeed! So when I.G.G., “the World’s Greatest Director and Father”, is back with a new Wakaliwood wonder, we can’t refuse! This time around, two dads are on a quest to find their kidnapped children. But don’t expect a Ugandan TAKEN, this is way, way more insane… There’s the Waka Starz, street kids and certified martial arts masters, an evil midget crime boss, Bruce U (“Uganda’s Best Kung-fu Cop!”), and many other colorful characters in the midst of explosions and shoot-outs that make Michael Bay seem like a pacifist monk. You can also count on the Wakiliwood trademark of VJ Emmie, commenting all the action on the screen, which is never less than hilarious (“He moves like a tiger, stings like a bitch!”). Loads of fun and with a heartfelt message about the fate of children in the slums.

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