“Stephen KING’s macabre humour handed on a silver plate by ROMERO…
We were waiting in delight that our kind little scamp ventures to reopen CREEPSHOW’s script… and we are not disappointed! There are three stories this time: the revenge of an Indian chief statue… better than the real thing; the trap set for some swimmers by a viscous and above all violent field; and the pursuit a quite embittered car driver engaged in to find a woman who was dishonest and walked past him without stopping to ask him how he was doing…
Here is how Stephen King’s macabre humour strikes again, even more, and for our own enjoyment, revised and edited by George A. ROMERO who was inspired by King for these scenarios. And as the director, Michael GORNICK, threw himself into his movie so wholeheartedly that the audience does not even have time to get bored”… In comparison to the first Creepshow, “it feels as if this one is more rigorous, which in a way gives a sometimes more inevitable and therefore more convincing nature to the different stories. The excessive nature of the situations always helps give them a certain aspect of King’s inspiration, though we never clearly know if it is humour, parody or seriousness – an ambiguity which is all the more charming.” – Bertrand BORIE

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