Dale Domazar is the kind of obnoxious, pigeon-brained alpha male TV channels all over the world love to air in dumb shows like “Cult Buster”, in which Dale goes around de-programming secret cults. A smash hit! That is, until the season’s finale goes off the rails with a human sacrifice and all the cult members committing mass suicide live on TV, which prematurely ends Dale’s budding career. Elsewhere, realtor Kallie Jones is struggling with her husband Brad who seems to have lost all will to live. It doesn’t occur to her that her dominant type-A personality might have something to do with it. The poor guy can’t even decide what boxers he wants to wear. Kallie forces Brad to enroll in a retreat for men, Hope Acres, led by guru Jagori. And it works! Brad regains confidence and self-esteem… and is unwilling to go back home to his wife. Supremely upset, Kallie suspects the place is a cult and she knows just the guy to call for help… Dale Domazar! Dale’s approach to cult busting is one of a bull in a china shop and much the same can be said of this movie. CULT HERO races through a platoon of rapid-fire gags, guns a-blazing and without ever taking its foot off the gas pedal or its tongue out of cheek. And in the midst of all the glorious gonzo mayhem, there’s the outrageous performances by Liv Collins and Ry Barrett as our very incompatible cult-busting duo, to really hit this one home.

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