A new metro tunnel is being dug in Copenhagen. The oiled machine of workers from all around Europe is a perfect sample of intra-European collaboration. Rie, responsible for the PR of this multicultural project, descends into the depths of the yard to interview the hardworking laborers. When she arrives at the cutterhead of the giant drilling machine, a fire breaks out. She seeks refuge in the hermetical airlock, with Ivo, a Croatian technician, and Bahran, an Eritrean refugee worker. The small space slowly turns into a claustrophobic prison. The oxygen is becoming scarce, the pressure increases and the heath is getting unbearable… With the claustrophobic survival thriller CUTTERHEAD, Rasmus Kloster Bro brings his first feature to the big screen. Bro wanted the film to be “a very physical experience. Watching the film should feel like being eaten by the underground”. He couldn’t have succeeded more. Tension reaches unprecedented heights and sweat flows abundantly, but Bro also confronts us with issues like social dumping. With superb performances by the three main characters, this suffocating fight for survival takes us into the depths of their dark thoughts.

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