When we think about cyber-attacks, we can’t help picturing epic STAR WARS-y battles between the forces of good and evil fighting it off with lightsabers, miniscule TIE fighters crashing into the motherboard and whatnot… even though we’re well aware that it’s just a dude typing behind a computer screen. It helps when that dude is Aaron Kwok (THE STORM RIDERS, CITY UNDER SIEGE), one bespectacled badass on the keyboard. His character, Cheuk Ka-Chun, is a brilliant tech-wiz working for a cybersecurity company Sky Magic Pro that provides online protection for Hong Kong banks. One day he has to deal with a cyber-attack which gets past his firewall and succeeds in hacking several big accounts. The man behind the attack? His own slithering sleazeball boss, played by Ka-Tung Lam (INFERNAL AFFAIRS), who wire-transferred some of the stolen money onto Cheuk’s bank account to make him stand out as the prime suspect. Now he has to flee both the Cyber Crime Police Unit, who want to lock him up, and the organized cybercrime group, who want to whack him and who have kidnapped his daughter. Luckily, Cheuk is not your typical keyboard brainiac. He’s also a skilled martial arts fighter! In the same vein – or should we say, fiber as the great Hong Kong techno-thrillers of the 90’s and early 00’s, CYBER HEIST sucks you right into the (computer) screen, into a threatening, spider-like virtual world that descends all the way down to the Dark Web, where dark-hooded Sith-like villains await you. So, we were right: cybercrime is a bit like STAR WARS!

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