Let’s be honest, everyone has some kind of fetish: some like it a bit rougher, others like pristine feet… John Stone, a dishonorably discharged Iraq war veteran, has one that’s a bit more extreme: he’s more of the violent type that gets off on torturing women to death. Besides the fact that he abuses his teenage daughter Zoë, he also uses her to pick up his victims at bars. Looking forward to a promised trio, the girls open their eyes in a torture chamber. Zoë struggles to break free from her abusive father and tries to provide the girls with a way out. When a cop notices that something isn’t right, this might be their salvation… Long-time BIFFF friend Julian Richards is back with a psychological thriller, starring SAW’s bad cop and secret villain Costas Mandylor. Richards doesn’t take the easy way out, acknowledging the sensitivity of his subject matter. He forsakes gratuitous violence and warily redirects the torture porn focus to Zoë’s moral ambivalence. Of course, it’s harsh, cruel, and shocking but most of all we’re confronted with the extremes and sharp edges of human behavior.

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