A disaster of apocalyptical proportions strikes during a relentless heatwave. Danny and his younger brother William have not always been able to get along. They live in a quiet little town where nothing ever happens until the day that climate change leads to the impossible. Deadly monsters crawl out of the ocean and start killing everyone. Danny and William find shelter in their basement, without knowing the fate of their parents or friends. Tension is tight like a knife and William uses the moment to lash out against Danny for having never stood up for him all these times that he got bullied at school. Will the brothers repair their damaged relation and survive the end of the world?

The Host meets An Inconvenient Truth. Scandinavia also seems to have a knack at turning out teen oriented genre flicks. Remember Tomas Alfredson’s brilliant Let The Right One In (Golden Raven BIFFF 2009), partly a coming of age drama, partly a vampire movie. Danny’s Doomsday hails from Denmark and is a solid addition to this ever more popular subgenre.

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