In the small Polish city of Walbrzych, on the border with Germany, a series of mysterious child kidnappings take place. The police are at a loss and journalist Alicja Tabor starts looking into the case in the place she once called home. Along the way, she finds clues of dramatic events that took place decades earlier. In doing so, the investigative journalist–as a rule not easily frightened–has to face the family secrets she has been sweeping under the carpet for all of her adult life. She can no longer avoid the confrontation with her childhood and finally, everything comes together: the child disappearances, the war-tainted past, the legend of the Nazi gold train, and her own fate… For his third directorial effort, Borys Lankosz found inspiration in a novel by acclaimed Polish author Joanna Bator. The film doesn’t depend on a spectacular plot but rather relies on a sustained, tacit sense of doom and an eerie atmosphere. Among the actors, we recognize Agata Buzek (THE MAN WITH THE MAGIC BOX, THE PHOTOGRAPHER, HIGH LIFE) and Marcin Dorocinski (SMALL TOWN KILLERS, ANTHROPOID).

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