This is the story of Boy a young Native-American who retreats into the desert after his wife died of radiation following nuclear tests near their home. Living alone and isolated, Boy is waiting for the end of the world, spending his days carving Katchina dolls that supposedly contain magical powers and end up in his underground shelter. Then there’s the Hollywood couple of Harry and Buffy who take a trip to the desert as a second honeymoon in an attempt to save their failing marriage. But their Bentley breaks down in the middle of nowhere and the couple is rescued by Boy. The angry outcast has other plans for his guests than taking them back to civilization. He needs a woman to create a better world after the apocalypse and feels that Buffy would be perfect for the job. Now, there’s just one thing left: deconstructing Harry… In 1993 the shooting of Dark Blood came to an abrupt end ten days before wrap up due to the sudden and unfortunate death of River Phoenix. For a long time the movie was considered to be cursed. In 1999, director George Sluizer ( The Vanishing, Utz ) found out that the insurance company wanted to destroy the footage and decided to save the material. He smuggled the unedited footage out of storage and shipped it to the Netherlands. When Sluizer faced death himself after an acute aortic dissection in 2008, he decided to edit the “unfinished” version of Dark Blood, adding commentary to bridge the missing scenes. Now you’ll finally be able to see this unique dark masterpiece at the BIFFF.

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