Graveyard-shift security guard Jim Tahna has a unique hobby. He’s a grief tourist, which means that his holiday snapshots are all about places where tragedies have taken place. With his annual vacation coming up, he prepares to embark on a deeply personal pilgrimage into the world of a real-life monster, 1960’s serial murderer/arsonist Carl Marznap. Enduring a childhood of violent sexual and emotional abuse, Marznap blazed a fiery trail of charred bodies through a small Northern California town. As Jim retraces Marznap’s defining footsteps, questions of his own shadowy evolution bubble to the surface, swirling dangerously with his rapidly deteriorating grip on reality. A chance encounter with a local waitress named Betsy tempts Tahana with a romantic connection and final chance at normalcy, but when his rancid sexual impulses and inner demons take control, the stage is set for a violent downward spiral that unlocks an unspeakable secret festering within, leading to a brutal and shocking finale. Michael Cudlitz ( Surrogates, The Negotiator ) delivers a powerful performance as a man who slowly looses touch with reality in this gripping horror drama from Suri Krishnamma ( Wuthering Heights, Bad Karma ). The Dark Tourist will work its way under your skin, showing how our obsessions can make us transgress the borders of what is bearable and tolerable. With Melanie Griffith ( Pacific Heights, Mulholland Falls ) as Betsy and Pruitt Taylor Vince ( Constantine, Monster ) as Carl Marznap.

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