“In three days you’ll be dead” was text-messaged to five Austrian students. They wouldn’t believe it, but the audience that saw the first film knows better. They also know that Nina survived. She has tried to put the past behind her by moving to Vienna. Unfortunately Nina is haunted by nightmares of her friend and fellow-survivor Mona crying for help. Unable to get in touch with her through the phone, Nina returns to her native lakeside town of Ebensee, where she’s told that Mona has moved back to Tyrol. The trail leads to an isolated inn high in the snow-covered mountains, run by a woman and her three sons. One of them is a sex pervert, suspected of killing a girl three years ago. No one in their right mind would go near a place like that, except for Nina. In 3 Tagen Bist Du Tot was the film that put Austrian genre cinema on the international map. It was awarded with the Silver Mélies for Best European Fantastic film at the BIFFF. No wonder this led to a sequel. Dead in Three Days 2, starring several of the same actors, is a refreshingly different follow-up that doesn’t try to be a variation on a theme. It merely induces another kind of suspense. The picture draws as much tension from the snowy Alps ( and its sudden storms ) as the first outing did from the placid but murky waters of Ebensee, while not leaving out the required dose of shocking images and violence.

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