It‘s graduation day for Nina and her friends. They have passed their final high school exams and head off to celebrate. That night, they all receive an identical text message : “ In 3 days… you’re dead ! ” At first, they think it’s a sick practical joke. But no one is laughing anymore when Nina’s boyfriend is found tied to a concrete block at the bottom of a lake the next day. When another member of the group is savagely attacked, everyone is paralysed with dread. They are all on the murderer’s list. But why ? Nina is the only one who discovers a mysterious clue leading to the brutal killer’s identity. As the body count rises and the slaying becomes more and more vicious, there‘s still no-one who believes her and time is running out. Dead in 3 Days is Austria’s first teen slasher and a good one it is, turning the country’s placid, postcard-pretty landscape into a repository of fear and dread. Shot in cold colours, tightly edited and with an effective use of close-up camerawork in the violence scenes, the film moves with a sense of purpose that doesn’t leave the audience any time to catch their breath. The atmospheric small town location and the authenticity and energy of its young cast deliver many top class scares for us to enjoy.

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