Five young people meet in Senegal on a scuba diving expedition. There are taken to the diving area in an old boat. When an accident makes the engine explode, their vessel sinks and the group are left floating in the middle of the ocean. Their spirits lift up when they see a merchant ship. The five swim as hard as they can to reach it. Just as they are about to ask for help to come aboard, they witness a gruesome murder. No longer daring to draw the attention of the crew, they manage to secretly board the boat and hide. If they can stay out of sight until the next port, they’ll be able to report what they’ve just seen. But the crew is prepared to do anything to get rid of proof or witnesses. The friends will have to stick together if they want to stay alive. Unfortunately, it’s not uncommon for merchant vessels to dispose of stowaways or refugees out of fear for fines and delays. In the midst of the high seas, these unfortunates vanish without a trace. Catalan director Pau Freixas (Cactus) and screenwriter Hector Claramunt have used these gruesome facts to deliver a captivating thriller where the protagonists cannot run, cannot hide, but only try to survive. With Silke (Felicidades, Black Tuna), Unax Ugalde (You’ll be Back, Hector) and Adria Collado (Heart of the Warrior, The Art of Dying, Bloody Mallory).

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