Deadman Inferno starts as a hard boiled yakuza movie, with two gangs battling it out in the rain. Ten years after the fight, the boss of the Munakata-gumi gang goes to pick up his loyal lieutenant from prison. The guy took a bullet for him, so the boss kept an eye on his wife and daughter while he was doing time. But daughter dearest had to choose the day of her dad’s release to skip classes and have fun with her best friend on Zeni island. Very bad timing indeed, because the island falls prey to a zombie epidemic. Her dad has to come to the rescue. But the undead are not their only worry. The gang’s bitter rivals, who still have a score to settle with the Munakata-gumi, are also on the island.

One of the reasons for Director Hiroshi Shinagawa to realize Deadman Inferno was to celebrate the 30 years of Japanese actor Sho Aikawa on screen. Among his +/- 100 movies are titles such as Gozu, Dead or Alive and Zebraman, all directed by Takashi Miike. If you’ve ever wondered how yakuzas would battle zombies, look no further. But we can tell you that there’s no better weapon to chop up the undead than the katana. Fans of The Walking Dead know what we’re talking about!

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