On a Saturday, 170 days before the university’s entry exam, 20 top students get some special tutoring at school. They might be smart, but they’re certainly not perfect. We get to know the docile Inah, the rebellious heartthrob Kang-hyun, Ina’s best friend Myung-ho, the paranoid Hyeyoung, the hallucinating schizophrenic Jo-beom, the insomniac Dong-hyuk, the shy Jae-wook, the overly sensitive Suu-jin and their popular teacher Chang-wook. In the middle of class, Beethoven’s Für Elise suddenly sounds on the speaker system. The television in class shows images of Hye-young captured in a tank with fast rising water. An unknown voice asks the solution to an exam question. A wrong answer will cost Hye-young’s life. For the students, this is the beginning of the most lethal exam of their lives. If you consider all the horror films taking place there, Korean high schools must truly be hell on Earth ! What distinguishes Death Bell from all the others is the originality of the concept : victims with no way out being forced to solve puzzles and riddles to save themselves. The debut of video clip maker Chang is visually top class and contains enough “shocks & gore” to please even the most demanding genre fan. It won’t be long before an American remake !

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