We know it’s Easter, but it’s Xmas all year long at the BIFFF! Our Christmas tree, ô magnificent Tannenbaum, is falling apart but still standing tall and we’re keeping him until after the screening of DEATHCEMBER, that deliciously kooky idea a few German producers had to put together a horror advent calendar… That’s right: 24 segments by as many directors all touched by the (Evil) Spirit of Christmas! Zombie Santa, giallo Christmas lights, stop-motion cookies, Japanese ghosts … Fun for the whole family! Lots of familiar faces too, at the Christmas table: CANNIBAL HOLOCAUST director Ruggero Deodato – Uncle Ruggy if you please – handing out the gifts, Lucky McKee (MAY, BIFFF 2003 and THE WOMAN, BIFFF 2012) carving the crispy turkey, Isaac Ezban (THE INCIDENT, BIFFF 2015 and PARALLEL, BIFFF 2018) serving champagne, Barbara Crampton putting on her worn videotape of RE-ANIMATOR… A jolly crowd that the BIFFF would like to invite at its Easter table!

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