When Brodie’s mum ends up in the loony bin, the young man is forced to move in with his closest relatives in a small suburban town. Aunt Mary and Uncle Albert are deeply religious and do not look kindly upon the heavy metal passion of their nephew. And their son David is the school’s bully. Luckily there’s Zed, the only other metalhead in town, who takes Brodie under his wings. The duo start a band, together with the two other school outcasts Dion and Giles. And Medina, the gorgeous blonde girlfriend of David, is not entirely insensitive to the noise they make. Then Zed gets the genius idea to break into an abandoned house that is rumored to be the hideout of Rikki Daggers, the singer of the legendary band M.I.A. Daggers is not fond of visitors and chases them out, but they’ve picked up a little souvenir, a musical score. They think it’s an undiscovered song from M.I.A. But what they’ve got in their hands is a composition to invoke demons. You can guess what follows next.

Deathgasm is an irresistible mix of heavy metal, gore & horror and comedy. The feature debut of New Zealand writer and director Jason Lei Howden seems to be custom made for the Bifff audience. Deathgasm is deliciously dirty, trashy as fuck and very generous with blood and limbs. And we haven’t even mentioned the very creative use of sex toys to combat demons. Heavy Metal and horror are the ideal marriage on stage. It’s unbelievable that this is so rare on the big screen, but Deathgasm more than fills this gap.

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