Pjotr arrives in Poland as the rich white knight from the big city. He’s getting married to the beautiful Zaneta in the mansion of her family. The weather is nice, the birds are singing, the sky is blue and Piotr take this opportunity to set up the garden before the big party. But here’s the twist. After some digging, he exhumes a skeleton and, considering its size, it looks more like grandpa than old dog Sparky. A few hours later, the first guests arrive. Piotr tries to remain calm, but that isn’t easy. And that’s because at a Polish wedding, everybody has to empty their glass of vodka in one gulp while screaming with joy. It doesn’t matter if he sees strange apparitions. It doesn’t matter if he dances like an epileptic in full-blown crisis. It doesn’t matter if he speaks a language he’s not supposed to know…

In Demon, a successfull mix between Festen and Twisted Nerve, the evil Dybbuk spirit from Jewish folklore is introduced to a pagan orgy that could have been written by Nicolas Gogol. The movie, rewarded at TIFFF, is also marked by a tragic event: the suicide of its director, Marcin Wrona, just before the presentation of the film in Poland, last September.

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