Hong Kong suffers from a wave of murders that are equally brutal and unexplainable. Determined to put an end to the bloodshed, the police assemble a special team that discover several things. One, that all the murders seem connected to one another, since every victim was a suspect in an unsolved case. Two, that the vigilantes that solve these “cold cases” in barbaric ways call themselves the Chosen Ones. Three, that their special investigation is going nowhere and that only one man can help them. But that’s not going to be easy, because their Messiah is a former police inspector. And he’s now a schizophrenic homeless dude who has a tendency to talk with the afterlife… When Wai Ka-fai, loyal collaborator of Johnnie To, gets back in the director’s chair after a 12-year hiatus, with Sean Lau in front of the camera, you’d expect a sequel to MAD DETECTIVE, right? Well, yes but no. Lau does take on a similar character, but DETECTIVE VS SLEUTHS is a free electron, a mad dog in total overdrive, the cinematographic equivalent of “hold my beer”, with bursts of action and (very big) gunfights!

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