Herbert Blount is obsessed with actress Missi Pyle. He has gained access to the set of her newest film, a serial killer crime thriller, by having purchased a one line role via the film’s crowdfunding website. Herbert steals wardrobe from the set, all of the film’s footage by hijacking the password to the production’s download site and eventually stalks and kidnaps Pyle herself. His psychotic goal is to reshoot the film in his dungeon studio, recasting himself as the romantic lead. Pyle is literally acting for her life. The end result is a mad mash-up of scenes from the real movie, outtakes, clips from other movies and the lo-fi footage delusional psycho Herbert has created. He’s even recorded a director’s commentary track, which plays throughout the entire film, acting as an insane narrative device from a very unreliable narrator. Director’s Cut, the ultimate “meta movie” is an insane, cinematic sleight of hand trick that reflects on itself, much like the stage persona of its co-star and creator, world famous illusionist Penn Jillette. Here, teamed with director Adam Rifkin, Jillette conjures a mind bending, genre-defying movie-within-a-movie mash-up that’s part narrative thriller, part documentary. The madness that unwinds behind the scenes will leave you reeling. Starring Missi Pyle (Galaxy Quest, Gone Girl), Harry Hamlin (Clash of the Titans, Mad Men) and genre icon Lyn Shaye as themselves and, of course, Penn Juliette. Watch out for the cameo of Penn’s ever silent partner Teller as a very unusual pervert. Teller talks !

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