“Young Giuliano lost his mother. Yet he says that he saw her in a park near the house he is living in with his father and maternal grandmother. And his mother effectively comes back; at first, in her own body, but then with someone else’s face. Soon, other “dead people” will tend to reappear too, because some space bodies of light incarnate some human corpses and their souls as well…
But here there is no terror, quite the opposite: a beautiful love story, full of poetry and very touching, in the tradition of works such as Somewhere in Time, a tale which very cleverly matches a classical sci-fi theme with the traditional myth of the living dead. This time, it’s for the best! Everything is freshly said with nuances, without neglecting the necessary plot twists which make the plot line sweet, and even often moving.
A touch of erotism discreetly brings colour to the story, so does a faraway reflexion which, without ever hanging heavy in the movie or making it rambling, often makes it seem like a philosophical tale and prevents it from falling into silliness. For sure, the lovers of macabre and fantasy in the Italian way, who could have shown contempt for Claudio ARGENTO’s presence in the credits (as a producer), will get little for their efforts. However, those who love romance and beautiful stories will have no reason to complain and will find their delight increased by Angelo BRANDUARDI’s lovely music which well prettily lights up this match of wonder, fantasy and science-fiction.” – Bertrand BORIE
P.S: The “regular visitors” of the Brussels International Fantastic Film Festival will not have been misled by the presence of Claudio ARGENTO in the credits: wasn’t he also one producer of the splendid Piccoli fuochi, Grand Prix of our fourth Festival?

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