how unfortunate! Getting their car stuck in the mud in the middle of nowhere will probably not bring back the peace between Mr. and Mrs. Bower… They will thankfully find refuge in the house of two lovely and (maybe too?) thoughtful elders. The two elders are fond of their dolls and own an impressive collection, with dozens of porcelain characters, well arranged and motionless, apparently staying still, apparently filled with innocence…
The guests of the old couple are past the age of playing with dolls, yet the dolls truly seem to want to play with the guests and their games will be far less innocent than those played by little girls…

Almost produced at the same time as “From Beyond” in the Roman studios of Empire Pictures, “Dolls” is a smart, carefully crafted movie with no downtime, irrefutably showing that Stuart Cordon, a guest from the 4th edition of the festival, is a brilliant director. Far from the Lovecraft fever of his “Re-Animator” and “From Beyond”, his new movie tells an interesting, macabre story where he shows that he has perfectly assimilated the tropes of traditional horror. This beautiful story, in which angelic rhymes with horrible, comes from the screenwriter Ed Naha (“Ghoulies II”, “Spellcaster”).

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