How many times do we have to warn you : don’t let teenagers fool around on the Internet ! Jung-mi, for instance, is a teenage girl obsessed with being famous. She keeps on uploading self-made content and constantly seeks the clip that will make the buzz. And one day, as a dream come true, she receives something way much bigger than the Gangnam Style clip : a so-called cursed video… In other words, Jungmi’s ticket to fame ! But after witnessing its morbid contents, a series of eerie incidents begin to follow her, just as if she got cursed too. Worse than a Trojan horse going viral, the forbidden video clip becomes a lethal trap to whoever watches it and God knows how many followers Jung-mi has on her account. When the mystery unravels with the help of her older sister, Jungmi will quickly understand that the truth can be even scarier than her worse nightmares. Eight years after the screening of Dear Friend at the BIFFF, Kim Tae-Kyung is back with a new feature ! Don’t Click is an enticing new variant of Nakata’s The Ring that targets new technologies and social media. Scary, creepy and spooky, Don’t Click cleverly uses the conventions of the horror genre to give you a disgust for cyberspace for the rest of your life !

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