When Patrick Highsmith, a young writer at the beginning of his career, agrees to rent a room of his apartment to Holly Gooding, he is immediately attracted by the stunning beauty of this young woman. However, he also feels that something is wrong with her. Holly’s temperament is actually unstable and unpredictable: the pretty girl can be shy and innocent at one time and the second after aggressive and provocative. One night, Patrick and Holly make love, but the morning after, she swears that she is not the one who slept with him… Holly is convinced that she is stalked by a doppelganger, a creature that is her perfect copy. The only desire of this maleficent entity is to kill Holly in order to take her place. Patrick, astonished, finds it hard to believe her story; is Holly crazy? Is she really pursued by such a demon ? Torn between what his reason and his heart are telling him, the young man will have to make a choice…

Directed by Avi NESHER (TIME BOMB, RAGE AND GLORY), DOPPELGANGER could be compared to a female version of DR. JEKYLL AND MISTER HYDE. The doppelganger is much more “a spirit monster” than a personified demon: it represents the dark side of the human being, the personification of our pernicious passions. If we are not careful enough, it can destroy us and spirit our place away. It is therefore a very old theme of which Avi NESHER proposes a modern interpretation, represented by excellent actors, in particular Drew BARRYMORE (GUN CRAZY, POISON IVY) playing Holly Gooding and George NEWBERN (FATHER OF THE BRIDE) interpreting the writer Patrick Highsmith.

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