Alex might be unbearably self-assured and irritatingly cocksure, his loyalty to his dearest friend Jim is beyond question. With the latter’s 30th birthday on the horizon, Alex promises to help his best friend to get laid so he won’t reach this unwelcome milestone as a virgin. They muster up the courage to organize a double date with sisters Kitty and Lulu, but little do the boys know that their company for the evening are twisted serial killers and that they have other plans for their night ahead. When Jim and Lulu strike up a genuine bond, their future rests entirely on her conscience and whether or not she’ll betray her sister and warn Jim and Alex of their nefarious intentions. For his first feature, filmmaker Benjamin Barfoot has to perform a difficult balancing act between horror and comedy, familiar terrain from Shaun of the Dead and other Sightseers. He tries it with an inventive visual style and he can also count on the clever, playful screenplay by male lead Danny Morgan (On the Road). The film made it to various top 10 lists and was even nominated for a British Independent Film Award. Mission accomplished!

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