A man with a nasty face and a criminal record returns to the urban jungle that he had to leave 15 years ago for an extended stay in the can. Now he’s back with an axe to grind: he wants to kill off Lucifer’s Twelve Apostles. Methodically he goes through the list, if need be with extreme measures. Not exactly someone we care to meet at midnight in a dark alley… but in a dark movie theater we rather like this kinda fella! In a previous life, Marco Laguna (a.k.a. Marc du Marais) toured the European concert circuit with the legendary indie band La Muerte. His first full-fledged fiction film, a labor of love five years in the making, is a no-nonsense cross between a revenge movie and a spiritual western. Among the thesps, we recognize national talents like actress/ model Delfine Balfort (You Go to My Head, Steve + Sky) and dramatic heavyweight Bouli Lanners (Above the Law, Raw, The First, the Last).

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