In the Namib Desert, burning under the sun’s rays, a hellish breeze is blowing. A man is walking, and his dark silhouette rises on the horizon. He is wearing a black hat, worn-out boots, and his long, tattered coat floats like the wings of the devil. No one knows who he is or where he comes from. He has been wandering for so long and embodying so many characters that he has himself forgot his identity. He is a magician, a soldier, and a saint at the same time, but he is above all a merciless killer, bringing death wherever he goes. He seems to be driven by the desert’s wind and an unstoppable force. His destination: Bethany, a town where voodoo myth and reality merge, a man collects the souls of his victims through the lens of his Polaroid and different fates will meet, oppose each other and join the same fight. In this devilish and bloody hell, constantly swept by sandstorms, only the love of a woman can save his lost soul.

Second film by the South African director and now living in Great Britain, Richard STANLEY, brilliant author of HARDWARE (a stylized cyberpunk film). DUST DEVIL follows the same path with stunning images of the hero walking in the desert, paced with the violent and gliding music of Simon Boswell. Garnished with ancient mythologies, a hint of western and exceptional gory effects, this film is a fantasy on the big screen, a bloody road movie on a fantastic background, and an aesthetic descent into hell. This combination of genres goes right to Stanley and makes him a master of the horror, with a strong and very personal visual style, that you will not forget anytime soon.

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