An elevator with nine people ascends to the top floor of a Manhattan skyscraper, where a corporate party is about to begin. On board the big boss himself and his spoiled little granddaughter, a nervous, claustrophobic Jewish comedian, a very sweaty obese executive, his ambitious colleague and his glamorous reporter-wife, the elderly wife of an investor, a highly pregnant secretary and an Iranian-American security agent. When the granddaughter sees the anxiety of the comedian, she decides to make him suffer even more and pushes the emergency stop button. This temporary interruption becomes a very unpleasant ordeal when the elevator refuses to move even an inch. But the worst is yet to come. One of the nine came accompanied by a ticking time bomb and there’s only two hours left before the big bang ! Please, take our advice: if you’re claustrophobic, stay the hell away from this movie! Written by award-winning screenwriter Marc Rosenberg and directed by Dead Snow producer Stig Svendsen, Elevator cleverly uses the confines of the small area to its full potential and manages to create a climax as chilling as Hitchcock’s Lifeboat! And, as for the cast of this pressure cooker: John Getz ( The Social Network ), Anita Briem ( also in Dylan Dog ) and Joey Slotnick ( Twister, Hollow Man ). You will surely take the stairs after watching Elevator.

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