Always frustrating to see your colleagues enjoying life to the fullest while you’re stuck at work. Like agent In-ho, who has to stay in watching countless terrorist threat videos online and decide whether to put the country in Defcon 2 or fine the parents of a 14-year-old troll. All the while the misses is off to Honolulu collecting vitamin D next to a Piña Colada. Unfair. Except this time the threat seems serious, with the suspect bragging about a home-made deadly virus that he’s dying to share with the world. And what better location to spread the love than in the confined space of a full flight to Honolulu? After a first corpse, panic soars to such frenzied heights that would make many a techno temple jealous. The cockpit doesn’t fare any better. The Pacific Oceans leaves little in the way of an emergency landing and the rare islands that do offer that possibility, tell them to fuck off. An unknown virus that makes you puke black blood after just a few hours of incubation? Not a very attractive prospect to expose your own population to… Aah, a nice little story about a virus! You’ve missed that, right? Don’t worry, EMERGENCY DECLARATION was already all wrapped up before the first Chinese dude started feeling a little under the weather. The virus is mostly an excuse to shoot spectacular scenes of collective hysteria and turmoil at 6000 feet high, with the two big Korean stars of the moment: Song Kang-ho (PARAWebsite) and Lee Byun-hun (SQUID GAME, I SAW THE DEVIL).

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