Charles Enak is a sound engineer with particularly well-developed parapsychological powers: he can communicate, move objects, disrupt radio waves and manipulate other people by simply using the power of his mind. As a defector from the Eastern bloc, he took refuge in the United States. However, the Army has learned about his exceptional mental faculties and intends to exploit them: it plans to send him into space, where he could be used to manipulate people remotely. But Enak got in contact with extraterrestrial lives and refuses to be involved in the game of power. A tragic event will then disturb his existence: his wife dies, which makes him fall into despair. A young woman named Lucielle will make him see that life is worth living again, but he discovers that she is involved in a conspiracy and that, thanks to her, the Army hopes that Enak will cooperate. Deeply disappointed, he strangely agrees the proposal.

Directed by Slawomir IDZIAK, KIESLOWSKI’s assistant for the film THE DOUBLE LIFE OF VERONIQUE, ENAK combines genres with happiness : the film, structured like an investigation, alternates between fiction and real documents and while remaining in the fantastic, it is also and obviously a love story against the backdrop of political spying. Although the film takes place in the 1950s, it promotes existentialist ideas that constitute a reflection on our era. ENAK offers wonderful pictures as well as talented and convincing actors, even though it was shot with few assets and practically no special effects. It is a clever film with a neat aesthetic that also allows us to rediscover the beautiful Irène JACOB (THE DOUBLE LIFE OF VERONIQUE).

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