Karen, a young psychiatric nurse, boards the last subway train headed towards the end of the line. Suddenly it stops in the middle of the tunnel and the nightmare begins. A group of religious cult members have finally gotten their long awaited signal that Armageddon has started. And it is now their sacred duty to save the souls of as many people as possible. Caught in a whirlwind of murder and madness, Karen and a few survivors band together to fight the cult members in the dark underground tunnels of the subway. But can they trust each other ? And why are they seeing terrifying supernatural occurrences ? Could the cult be right ? End of the Line, by Montreal director Maurice Deveraux, will make you think twice about entering the subway. It jolts you from the opening scene to its twisted ending. This gut wrenching, nastily clever feature is an original take on the survival horror genre. It plays on modern paranoia, showing religious extremism through the lens of slasher and zombie movies. The menacing atmosphere is aided by clever art direction and creative sfx that enhance the film’s small budget. Reminiscent of the early works of such filmmakers as David Cronenberg, John Carpenter and Wes Craven, End of the Line shows the kind of innovation and vision that makes you inpatient for Deveraux’s next movie.

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