After a bank robbery degenerates into a blood bath, three gangsters make a run for it in their getaway car. Soon, a convoy of sirens is hot on their heels. They dump the car and try to blend into the crowds of a shopping mall. But the blood trail that one of them leaves behind, puts the police back on their trail and they have to resort to extreme measures. The trio takes an attractive and recently married lingerie salesgirl hostage and run out into the streets. They stop another vehicle, which give them two more hostages; a father who was on his way to the hospital with his sick daughter for a lifesaving operation. Needless to say that nobody will get out of this unharmed if not alive.

The French action thriller Enragés (Rabid Dogs), the feature debut of producer Eric Hannezo (The Players) is a stylish and intense remake of the eponymous 1974 movie by Italian genre master Mario Bava. Enragès is a non-stop succession of car chases, shoot-outs and sizzling dialogues full of tension and fear. With as bonuses a soundtrack which reminds you of the best of Giallo composer Goblin and Virginie Ledoyen (The Beach, 8 Women) and Lambert Wilson (Of Gods and Men, The Matrix Reloaded) as the unfortunate victims of this hellish road trip.

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