At first glance, Henry Petosa and Freddy Ace look like two completely different men. Henry is a shy boy who has not found his vocation yet. He works as a mechanic in his adoptive father’s garage and is secretly in love with his neighbor, the beautiful Beverly. She is as shy as Henry, works as a civil servant, and poetry is her sanctuary. None of them seem capable of managing their own lives. Freddy Ace is an elegant gangster full of self-confidence, so the exact opposite of Henry. He mastered the art of intimidation, a highly necessary professional skill to extort money from local shopkeepers.
Yet, it turns out that Henry and Freddy are twins and look exactly alike, but they have never met and none of them knew the existence of the other. Events in their respective lives will change the way they see things: the first one will be initiated by a journalist that discovered their story and will make their encounter inevitable.

In Alan RUDOLPH’s films (MADE IN HEAVEN, LOVE AT LARGE, MORTAL THOUGHTS), characters evolve on intertwined trajectories, and meet each other at some point before taking different paths. EQUINOX also follows this pattern privileged by the director, showing that he has lost nothing of his talent, quite the contrary. When it comes to captivating or mystifying the spectator, Alan RUDOLPH is in control of the situation. Besides, this brilliant director values his talent as a storyteller to perfection through his skillful ability to create visual moments. The twin brothers with opposing fates are played by Matthew MODINE, who succeeds in the double achievement of making his two characters look similar and radically antagonistic at the same time. Lara FLYNN BOYLE (TWIN PEAKS) plays the role of Beverly, Henry’s beloved neighbor.

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