Somewhere in Poland, in a local cinema called “Liberty”, a scandal blows up. The protagonists of the film screened that evening protest against the roles given to them by the screenwriter and refuse to continue performing. Their behavior and discussions are absolutely unpredictable, and completely unintelligible for the uninitiated. But what is even more disturbing is that the spectators are driven by an uncontrollable urge to sing Mozart’s Requiem, as if they were bewitched by the strange show happening on the screen. Among them, a former cinema critic, who attended the screening as an « official » censor, warns the actors of the steps the committee could take against them if they do not stop this nonsense. However, as hypnotized by the magic of this world of images and fascinated by the beauty of Malgorzata, the heroine, he decides to cross the screen. He then realizes that many other spectators did the same, seeking this “freedom”. In the grip of intense remorse, because he prevented characters from existing through his harsh censorship during his past activities, he understands that he cannot stay any longer in this heavenly universe. He decides to return to his reality, waiting, maybe one day, to expiate his crimes…

This parable about freedom of speech, softly ironic and frankly unique, is the work of Wojciech MARCZEWSKI, a Polish filmmaker awarded for several films, such as NIGHTMARES and SHIVERS, which won the Silver Lions at the Polish Film Festival in Gdańsk respectively in 1979 and 1981. After 10 years of absence, he comes back with ESCAPE FROM THE LIBERTY CINEMA, which was part of the official selection in San Sebastian in 1991 and won the Grand Prix at the Avoriaz Festival in 1992. A must see.

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