ESCAPE ROOM by peter Dukes

Jeff, a notorious media feeder specialized in games, is preparing to test a new Escape Room in the company of his girlfriend and some friends. They’re eager to lock themselves in this mysterious room for an hour and solve all the riddles they’ll have to face. Especially since Brice, the owner of the room, has decided to add something extra. Every five minutes, a mechanism will loosen a little the chains that lock a fake hooded killer to the wall just to raise tension. But the real trump card is a small hand-carved box, which Brice has just discovered in an esoteric antique shop. Inside there’s a demon waiting for only one thing; that an idiot frees him so that he can devote himself to his usual bullshit; killing as many humans as possible. Let’s just say that this will serve as extra motivation to get out of the room. It’s inevitable that the social phenomenon of escape rooms would start popping up in movies. And director Peter Dukes has delivered a knock-out chiller. Escape Room is a particularly bloody affair where the world of Cube becomes entangled with Cluedo. Add to that a dream cast for cult movie lovers: Skeet “Scream” Ulrich and Sean “Blade Runner” Young!

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