ESPECTRO by Alfonso Pineda Ulloa

Marta was a famous and successful medium, but she did not see her own rape coming. The trauma makes her loose her talent and renders her agoraphobic. The face of her rapist Mario follows her everywhere and she fears that he might start to stalk her again. The empty apartment of a friend becomes her refuge. But soon Marta gets into trouble with the neighbors. Especially the hysterical woman upstairs keeps bothering her. She installs cameras in all the dead corners of the flat to keep an eye on things. Marta’s horrified to discover that she’s not alone. A spooky presence is haunting the apartment and her hysterical neighbor threatens to kill her. Marta, besieged by dead and living assailants, has to get her gift back before Mario finds her. You’d better cut your nails before watching Espectro if you don’t want to risk biting off your fingers from the unbearable tension and terror that director Alfonso Pineda Ulloa inflicts upon us. That’s how scary this Mexican ghost thriller actually is. Luckily there’s beauty among all the horror thanks to the performance of the gracious Paz Vega ( Lucia y el Sexo, The Spirit ). The only thing is that you definitely don’t want to be in her shoes.

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