Journalism student Carmilla meets a group of kids that play a role game called “Eternal Blood”. Her interest in this unusual pass time is stirred by “M”, a young man she met in a philosophy seminar. M seduces Carmilla to take part in the role game. During a strange party at an abandoned house, the group meets Dalmer, an unusual guy who performs vampire rituals and quickly begins to involve the players in them. M realizes that something is terribly wrong when members of the group are actually transformed into vampires. While investigating the origin of these myths, he finds a way to revert the process. But will M be in time to save their souls ?

Sangre Eterna, a chilling contemporary vampire story, enjoys an attractive mise-en-scene and elaborate costumes and make-up. The film’s strongest point is the original approach to the vampire genre. Through fantasy elements, we are lured into a psychological terror drama. Sangre Eterna manages to escape classic genre conventions and stands out among current Latin-American cinema. This second feature film of Chilean fantasy aficionado Jorge Olguin (Angel Negro) stars Blanca Lewin (Angel Negro), Juan Pablo Ogalde (Paraiso B) and Carlos Borquez as Dahmer.

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